Replace Your Stamp With Your Logo

Every designer wants to control every element of their piece. If you’re designing a mail piece you’re now one step closer. The USPS is offering Picture Perfect Imprint Indicia which allows a mailer to incorporate their own color logo or image in to the indicia information.
By allowing a marketer to put their branding in the top right corner of their mail piece, the USPS has really opened up the rest of the piece up for design elements or offer details. This allows the designer flexibility that wasn’t there before as well as adding a little bit of wow in an area that might’ve been previously ignored.
Since this is the USPS there are still regulations of course. Among the rules are, the mailer will be required to use Full Service Intelligent Mail barcode and the indicia will have to be approved. For more details the USPS has put together a Fact Sheet.
(via USPS)

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