Political Mail and Millennials

Recently the United States Postal Service and the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) conducted polling and focus group research that shows that while millennials have grown up around computers, smart phones, and social media, that marketers are missing the boat if they don’t consider direct mail as part of their marketing mix.
Because Millennials receive and pay more bills online, the physical mail they receive in their mailbox receives more attention.  The data reveals these behaviors:

  • Many Millennials are eager to check their mailbox on a daily basis.
  • Many Millennials immediately open their mail.
  • Millennials read, discuss, and use political mail at higher rates than non-Millennials.
  • Political mail prompts Millennials to learn more about the candidates online.
  • Political mail has importance for down-ballot races.
  • Millennials prefer political mail over other forms of political advertising.

The scope of the study included diverse political affiliations and unaffiliated individuals that are registered voters who pay attention to news and events.  The goal in the study was to understand how millennials think about receiving physical mail.  The key findings include:

  1. Millennials prefer and are accustomed to verifying information from multiple sources. Political mail provides an opportunity for campaign integration, by listing website and social media channels.
  2. Political mail can be seen as a helpful, sharable and useful educational tool (for voting deadlines, early voting details, etc.).
  3. Millennials want an authentic and direct connection to the candidate.
  4. Millennials approach negative mail cautiously —but use it as an opportunity to learn more.
  5. Millennials respond well to political mail that includes simple messages, uncomplicated design, limited text and high contrast colors.
  6. Millennials respond well to creative attention-grabbing techniques and humor.

While this study was designed around the perspective of political campaigns, many of the findings can be applied to other marketing efforts. More detailed information on this study can be found by clicking this link; Political Mail and Millennials

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