Planning For Mistakes

When someone mentions planning for a disaster lots of us feel like taking the ostrich approach, we’ll just hide our heads in the sand. But the ugly reality is that mistakes will happen and ignoring them will only make the problem worse. Here are a couple of simple ideas to plan ahead for when bad things do inevitably happen.

Planning for failure seems counter intuitive, but it is the best way to be prepared. The first part of the action plan is determining the extent of the problem. Will an apology suffice, or does something need correcting? Apologies are sufficient when the mistake is simple and doesn’t overly inconvenience the person or create an expense.
The second part of the action plan is determining the specific resolution for each problem. Creating a general list of potential problems and resolutions provides a guide for the customer service team. Anything that satisfies the customer and falls within the guidelines should be resolved immediately.

(via Target Marketing Mag)

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