People Like Personalized Mail and Email

With the well-chronicled struggles of the USPS some seem to assume that direct mail is going by the wayside but this simply isn’t the case. A recent study shows that it is standing toe to toe with email marketing.

66% of online Americans have made a purchase as a result of email and nearly just as many — 65% — purchased a product or service thanks to direct mail

Print in the Mix cites another survey with the following fact about personalizing your direct mail.

In 2009, 28% of direct mail pieces were personalized.
In 2010, the number of personalized mail pieces increased to 34% —a 21% increase.
In 2011, seven of the 10 months recorded saw even higher VDP usage (41%) — another 21% increase from the prior year, and a 46% jump from 2009 levels.

Whether you choose to use direct mail or email marketing or both together, personalizing these marketing tools to your customer is a good way to go.
(via Print in the Mix)

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