Order of Operation

One of the math lessons I’ll never forget was the day we learned Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally. That was a mnemonic device to help us remember Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction which is the order of operation when doing mathematics so that the correct result is found.
There’s a similar order of operation that should exist within every business. For some companies the order of operation might be ‘do the highest paying customers first then everyone else’ or maybe ‘do the work as it came in’. Whatever the order of operation is, whether you agree that it is the best method or not, it’s important that the whole business is on the same page and works all projects in the same manner.
When there is no order of operation work prioritization becomes a free-for-all and sometimes work-bullying is a result. This lack of a simple process introduces a chaos in to your business that will never result in success for the company as a whole.

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