One-Two Punch: Direct Mail & Email

Often we think of marketing channels in silos. While each marketing channel does offer it’s own unique benefits those benefits can be enhanced when combined with other marketing channels.
Combining Direct Mail and Email Marketing can improve your impact in both channels. Here’s more on the idea:

Many of the foundational tenants of email marketing were borrowed and grown from direct mail practices – including testing, measurement, and creative approaches. But the link between email and direct mail goes even deeper. Leveraging direct mail to re-engage customers in your email marketing program can deliver a powerful one-two punch. (Using email to persuade customers to re-engage with your email marketing program can be a difficult feat to accomplish – they aren’t engaging with you via email in the first place.) But sending a postcard to your disengaged customers to drive re-engagement, or other desired behaviors, is a viable alternative. In fact, there are a few organizations that have done this quite successfully. Providing some offer or reminder about the email program and its value proposition can successfully spur re-engagement – while demonstrating to your customers that they matter to you enough that you are willing to reach out to them using a different path.

(via ClickZ)

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