No One Remembers What You Wore

It’s easy to be so self-aware that you get distracted and lose focus on the task at hand. It reminds me of being in high school. Here is a good word of advice from Seth Godin to help us be a little more forgetful of ourselves.

I woke up early to give a speech a few weeks ago and got dressed in the dark. Bad idea. I ended up wearing two slightly different brown shoes on stage, and I was sure that it was the first and only thing that anyone in the audience would notice. I was wrong.
People spend almost no time thinking about what you wear on your feet. A few hours after the meeting, we have no recollection at all about what tie you wore or how your hair was done.
On the other hand, we’ll long be impacted by your big idea, the project you didn’t launch and the gift you didn’t give.
It’s easy to obsess about trivia, mostly because the stakes are so small. What happens if we wonder about what we could do that might change everything instead?

(via Seth’s Blog)

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