New Folded Self Mailer Requirements

By USPS definition, a folded self-mailer (FSM) is a mailpiece formed when one or more unbound sheets of paper are folded together and sealed to make a letter-size piece. New requirements for FSM’s will become effective on January 5th, 2013. The new requirements take into account USPS automated sorting machines and are intended to reduce the risk of damage to mail. Some of the changes may impact your FSM designs. Click here for illustrated examples.
Key points:
1. The final fold must be on the bottom of the piece. For oblong pieces, the final fold is on the lead edge.
2. The maximum length of the folded, sealed piece (W or H) is 10½ inches.
3. When using tabs as the sealing method, a minimum of two are required. Tabs cannot be placed on the bottom edge of oblong-style pieces. A third tab is required on pieces weighing more than one ounce.
4. New provisions for using glue as a sealing method will be available.
5. Folded self-mailers not meeting the new requirements will be assessed postage at non-machinable rates after January 5th.
In an effort to keep your production costs down and ensure maximum return on your self-mailing investment, your Impact Account Managers and Account Executives are available to review your FSM designs and guide your projects through the Mail Design Analyst approval process.

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