Multi-Chanel Marketing Strategies

The cockpit of an airplane looks unmanageable to all non-pilots. When so many factors are in play mistakes feel inevitable. Integrating traditional marketing with digital marketing feels this same way to me.
While multi-channel marketing may seem to be more art than science from my point of view that doesn’t mean it should be avoided. In fact, engaging the digital audience is key. Here are a few thoughts to work in to your strategy for your next marketing campaign.

1. Prioritize conversion. This seems pretty obvious. But, when you’re dealing with two vastly different channels at the same time (one physical and the other digital), optimizing conversion isn’t as straightforward. You have to make both your mail-piece and your landing page ‘mobile-friendly (i.e. placing QR codes where they can conveniently be scanned and using postcards instead of flyers). In short, get your recipients to act and be sure to get out of the way!
2. Don’t leave any gaps. Consistency can be a challenge in multichannel marketing — even with only two channels. On paper and on screen, the message needs to flow naturally with neither gaps nor redundancies. Go through the process in reverse. Start with your landing page CTA and work backward. Find out if each step smoothly transitions into the next.
3. Put ‘shareability’ in mind. ‘Shareability’ isn’t even on the English dictionary, but it’s practically on every marketer’s vocabulary today. It’s also not just limited to social media marketing. You can apply it to your print copy by presenting value that your prospects want to share. Be sure to segment your mailing list thoroughly and match your offer/content. That by itself may not guarantee shareability, but it takes you a step closer.
4. Crunch the right numbers. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Response rates tell you something about your mail pieces, but they don’t give insights into your landing pages or other lead generation concerns. Cost-per-lead and lead conversion rates should also be part of your analysis since they gauge other campaign variables like the offer, your list, and associated costs.

(via Business2Community)