Make Your Email Marketing Drive Clicks

Email Marketing 101 says to only send emails to people who want your emails. Federal SPAM regulations enforce that, but it also should be standard practice. So after you’ve got the right audience, what’s next? Here are some foundational building blocks (or Email Marketing 102) for you to consider.

Subject line. The first thing customers see is the subject lineā€”and it can make the difference between an email that is deleted without being looked at and an email that is opened and read. It’s usually best to be direct, to the point, and not overly flashy.
Content. Content is king, especially when it comes to email. The average person only spends a few seconds skimming through an email before discarding it. You need to get your point across in those few seconds. The content should not be too heavy and should focus on key points rather than lengthy and potentially confusing explanations.
Don’t cram. It might be tempting to squeeze as much information as possible into an email, but that’s often not the best approach. Present just enough information to get your customers to click through to your site.
Right time. Some consideration should be given to the time of day your marketing communication is sent out. While you don’t want it to be sent too early and be lost in the clutter of messages from the night before, you also don’t want it to be sent out too late and overlooked in lieu of demanding work emails. Depending on your offer, it also might be a good idea to put some thought into your customers’ moment of opportunity.

(via Direct Marketing News)

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