Keys to a Perfect Elevator Pitch

If you haven’t heard of an elevator pitch, the idea is can you tell your story in the length of an elevator ride, whether your story is the vision for your company or your resume. You need a summary that is fresh and sets you apart. Terri Sjodin, author of Small Message, Big Impact: The Elevator Speech Effect says when you give an elevator pitch about your business you need to be sure you convey these three pieces:

1. Time. Your prospects don’t care if you’re the oldest company in your field. They want to know how your methods and processes are going to save their organizations and their people time on a daily basis.
2. Peace of mind. Your prospects don’t care if you’re the best in your field unless you can show them specifically how you can provide specific solutions to existing problems and eliminate a certain amount of stress.
3. Fun. People don’t care about your company’s experience if your team has the personality of drones. They want to know that doing business with you will be a pleasant, fun and enjoyable experience. So, how are you going to help them have fun?

(via OPEN Forum)

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