Holiday Marketing Ideas

If you haven’t started your holiday marketing planning here are a few ideas to get you started. These ideas are generally directed at email but can easily be expanded in to other marketing channels. Whether you have a product to sell or you’re looking to get donations, here’s some ideas to get you going.

Review what you did last year and build out a holiday calendar for this year based on last year’s learnings. 
What worked, what didn’t?  What were your best performing campaigns?  When did you start emailing your holiday deals?  Be sure your calendar includes the following campaigns:
    Black Friday
    Cyber Monday
    Forward to a Friend
    Flash Sales
    Happy Holidays message (break the monotony of promotional messages and stand out in the inbox by conveying best wishes for your customers this holiday season)
Don’t underestimate the power of remails on days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 
Normally I would never suggest remailing on the same day, but Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the exception to that rule.  Everyone’s inbox is about to get really noisy and you’ve got to stand out from the crowd.  Not only should you make sure that your subject lines pop out to your subscribers and your offers are really strong, you need to be sure that you’re staying at the top of the inbox.  An easy way to do that is to do same day remailing on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
Make gift giving easy with a Gift Center on your site.
This will vary depending on what kind of products you sell.  Your gift center may be organized by price (gifts under $25, gifts under $50, etc) or by product, personality type (fashionista, hipster, sports fanatic, etc), favorite color, etc. 

(via Bronto Blog)