Email Marketing Don'ts

Email marketing is always changing. In the same way that language evolves over time so is the expectation of what should be in an email. Part of this change is driven by the device being used to view the message while other changes happen as email content continues to evolve. Regardless of what is driving the change here are a few basic things to avoid or at least consider when designing your next email.

Don’t write a book.
Try this: Hold your mobile device next to your computer monitor. Which device is easier to read from? You can’t expect subscribers to consume massive amounts of text on their mobile devices.
Don’t overlook transactional messages.
Order and shipping confirmations are sent during a peak engagement period of the customer life cycle. These are highly personal. Consumers are excited over their purchases and open these emails.
Don’t put prices in pictures.
Putting essential information such as pricing, deadlines, and calls-to-action inside images is a big mistake in the mobile age.

(via DM News)