“Don’t call it a comeback…I’ve been here for years” – LL Cool J

Email Newsletters are making a comeback. If you stopped sending them out, afraid that you were overwhelming your audience, maybe it’s time to rethink that. If you never stopped sending them…well then it’s like those folks who never stopped wearing Aviator style sunglasses…wait long enough and it’ll come back around.
Below are some reasons you might want to review your email newsletter policy, regardless of what you’re doing with them now:

  • Newsletters are regular. Whether weekly, monthly, or quarterly, having a commitment to a newsletter forces your marketing team to dedicate themselves to content creation, which in the modern B2B world, fuels core systems like marketing automation.
  • Helps build your mailable database. Because they are fulfilled electronically, the newsletter will provide a good reason for prospects to engage with you by giving you their email address so they can receive the newsletter.
  • Thought leadership and awareness. If done well, your newsletter can be a highly useful tool in showing the market your knowledge and industry expertise.
  • Cross-promotional opportunities. Your newsletter can drive general Web traffic, be promoted in email and nurture campaigns, and gain cross-promotion throughout a variety of social media networks.
  • A useful sales tool. A salesperson is forever in need of good content to present to prospects to keep them engaged throughout a buy cycle. Sales can help drive their deals forward by getting their prospects signed up for a regular e-newsletter. If used as part of a marketing automation platform, readers of the newsletter are cookied and their engagement on the newsletter and website is tracked. This in turn triggers alerts to sales encouraging them to connect with a reader.

(via ClickZ)

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