Does Your 'From' Line Matter

When I check my email the first two things that matter to me are 1) who is this email from 2) what is it about.
We’ve had several posts about the need for good email subject lines but the other important piece is your ‘From’ line. If a person doesn’t recognize the name in the ‘From’ line there’s a good chance it doesn’t matter how good your subject line is. Here are some good things to think about before you start your next email marketing effort.

There aren’t really that many options for ‘from’ lines:

    Company/organization name
    Brand name
    Product or service name
    Publication name
    A person’s name
    A combination of the above

You’re also limited by space. The maximum character count on many iOS devices is 23 (in portrait view) and on at least one Nokia device it’s as low as 17.

The person-to-person philosophy might suggest that all email should come from an individual. But that may not be true if your recipients have more of a relationship with your business or brand than with any individuals in your organization. Hence the test. Don’t forget to consider the combo option: J. Litchfield – Inbox Marketer. If you choose a person, however, consider what will happen if they leave. ‘From’ lines should not be changed often. If you do go with an individual’s name, make sure it appears within the message as well, perhaps as a signature, to reinforce the personal touch.

(via DM News)

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