Cross Channel Marketing Tips

Cross channel marketing isn’t something you do to simply ‘shake it up’. Cross channel marketing can be something you use to be more personal. As marketing is more and more targeted adding a channel to your marketing mix is a way to get in front of your customer where ever that might be.
Here are a few simple tips and ideas to get you started. While you may need donations and don’t have a product to sell, these tips are still relevant and will hopefully get your creative wheels turning.

-Add consistent names in headlines on emails as well as on direct mail pieces

-Provide personalized metrics such as: “You have saved over $89 with us this year by using super saver coupons” in the content

-Keep track of offers sent via email and direct mail and minimizing duplication when needed

-Personalizing images according to age or gender, and incorporating “the Amazon effect”: “We think you may be interested in these related products.”

(via Chief Marketer)

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