Classic/Modern Marketing

Can a band decide to be a Classic Rock band? Don’t you just have to be a rock band who’ve been around for a while so the radio stations call you a Classic Rock band? If you record an album this year is it a Classic Rock album?
If someone is attempting to be modern their new style will certainly be old fashioned before too long. These labels aren’t all that helpful.
Nevertheless what does it take to be a marketer in our modern world? Turns out it’s a set of classic values. Here are some tips for the modern marketer from Matt Seeley, Group President of Experian Marketing Services:

Courage: It takes courage to change. Real change starts with company leaders. They need to get out and interact with customers and get a firsthand view of the customer experience.

Simplicity: You need to simplify. It’s harder than ever to differentiate your brand; one way to do so is to simplify your message.

Authenticity: Start with what’s authentic about your brand. People know when you’re disingenuous. Be real.

Customer: Everything should start with the customer at the center, from overall marketing structure to individual campaigns. Also, use data. It tells a story about your customers. It will guide you to the right decisions.

(via DM News)