Best Days for Promotional Email Marketing

BestTimeForEmailA couple of weeks ago we had a blog post about a survey performed by Retention Science. This survey, about promotional emails, included findings that revealed that Free Shipping was a positive influence on their audience. Their research included some interesting statistics about the timing of promotional emails.
There’s always debate about what’s the perfect time to send emails and I’ve seen multiple surveys that say that email sends on Tuesdays mornings perform well. Retention Science’s study didn’t deny that but it did show that maybe customer preferences are changing:

Time of Day
…the study finds the majority of consumers shop online in the afternoon and evening (65%), yet most promotional emails are sent in the morning, hitting the inbox when consumers aren’t online to shop.
Day of the Week
…the data showed that promotional offers sent on Tuesday and Friday perform best (28% and 26% conversion, respectively).

Does this mean all of your promotional emails should go on Tuesday afternoons? Not necessarily. But it would be a good idea to try sending emails at differing times and see if your results were more favorable. For your audience maybe the best time to send an email is at 6am on a Monday…but probably not.
(via Print in the Mix)

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