Be A Better Fundraiser

It’s pretty easy to miss the customer perspective when you’re on the inside looking out. When you’re a charity and you miss the bigger picture it can really cost you. Here are a few tips to remember next time you ask for donations:

Well firstly, donors have feelings too.
Secondly, as donors we like to be reminded that we’ve done a good thing. Tell us not just that ‘our gift made a difference’ for we want to know to who, and how.
We like stories, not stats.
We do not like receiving a letter designed for someone who has never supported your work. Reference our gift.
 Remind us that you know who we are. We should not feel like a number on your database.
As the donor we should be the hero. You are a great charity yes, but only because of the support of donors like me.

(via The Fundraising Collective)

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