Make Your Marketing Personal

Personalization is everywhere. Folks who put lots of bumper stickers on their car have chosen to personalize their bumper. Tattoos that cover a person’s arms are much more personalized than non-tattooed arms. Our society has come to expect personalization. In fact lots of folks prefer personalization even to purchase from brands.
Fortunately personalization is easier than ever with data analytics. Just because it’s easier than ever doesn’t mean there’s no work involved. If you’re thinking of using analytics to drive personalization in your direct marketing here are a few tips:

Define the objective for personalization. As important as it is, the reason for doing it should be clear.
Create segments based on key characteristics. Segments could be based on behaviors, demographics, personas, psychographics, value, or could get as specific as one-to-one.
Determine right level of personalization. Not every customer wants deep personalization. Understand customers’ expectations and preferences and consider your business goals to decide how much personalization is ideal.
Engage your analytics team. Use analytics to gain deeper insight into your customers that you can then use for personalization.
Assess your technology needs and evaluate providers. Just because you want to personalize, doesn’t mean you have all the tools needed to do so.

(via DM News)

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