7 Basic Ways to Improve Your Sales Letter

No matter how many sales letters you write it’s still hard to write the next one. Here’s a few tips (or maybe reminders for some) of how to structure your sales letter.

1) Start Strong
Beginning a sales letter is not much different from beginning a print ad. You have to grab the reader’s attention and make him or her want to read more. You can do this with a headline before the salutation or with a strong first sentence.
2) Identify Your Reader’s Problem
There are countless formats for headlines and first sentences, including making an announcement, asking a question, or telling a story.
3) Stress Benefits
Relate everything to your reader and his or her needs. Talk benefits, not features.
4) Make a Strong Offer
Just as people buy solutions rather than products, they also accept offers rather than purchases. If you’ve done a good job of showing the reader all the benefits of your product or service, you have to make a strong, fair offer.
5) Guarantee Your Offer
People fear getting ripped off. So when you make an offer, you must eliminate any fear your reader may have by providing a way out. Most people won’t return your product or refuse your service after they’ve accepted your offer, they just need reassurance that they’re not locked into a deal forever.
6) Tell Your Reader What to Do Next
Your readers may be intelligent, but don’t assume that they’ll spend even a second wondering how to accept your offer. If you want the reader to call, say so. If you want your reader to fill out a reply card, give direct instructions to do it.
7) Make it Easy to Respond
The more options you give your reader, the easier it is to respond … and the more sales you’ll make. Include phone numbers, addresses, reply cards, coupons, order forms, return envelopes, and anything else that makes it easy to say “YES” to your offer.

(via Direct Creative Blog)

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