5 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong

Email Marketing is a great way to engage your customer. Email marketing is also a great way to ruin a relationship with your customer. Jeff Nicholson, SVP at Pitney Bowes Software, says these five things are key to keeping your customers engaged with your email messages and your company.

1. Frequency. The greatest factor in your opt-out rates is the volume of communications that you’re sending. Consumers are quite literally saying “less is more.”
2. Permission. Consumers commonly cited a perception that they did not request or sign up for such email communications.
3. Relevance. Regardless of how the marketer felt about a certain communication’s appeal to the market segment, messages were not found to be relevant to the individual.
4. Timeliness. A purchase at one time of year is often mistaken for perpetual interest. Many stated that they only buy at a specific time of year.
5. Repetitiveness. Subsequent emails were deemed to be too similar to prior messages.

(via Direct Marketing News)

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