5 Direct Mail Insert Ideas

Adding an insert to your direct mail piece can be very effective and can draw attention directly to your offer. An eye catching graphic or a well chosen word in large print might be exactly what will help your recipient to respond. Here are five ways to do more with your insert.

1) Emphasize your guarantee. The mailing’s recipients have plenty of reasons – real or perceived – not to respond to your offer, but a guarantee helps remove any hesitation that might otherwise jeopardize the sale. Featuring your guarantee in a separate insert – in addition to including it within the letter – draws attention to your promise for a good customer experience and can help drive profits.
2) Promote your back-end premium. Premiums can motivate the reader to act and can increase the mailing’s net income. Using an insert to promote your premium can enhance its perceived value and give you the opportunity to describe its features fully.

3) Endorsements from a third party. Using direct quotes from real people is far more believable than any marketing message you can devise on your own. Nothing gets a prospect to believe in your product or service more than the words of other consumers.
4) Expand the mailing’s offer. An insert is a great place to introduce additional benefits, discounts, and special privileges. You can do this in your letter, but using a separate insert to expand your offer commands more attention and increases its perceived value.
5) Insert in list segments. When production restraints prevent you from fully personalizing the letter, a personalized insert can provide a cost-effective method to customize your message to different market segments. You can offer different premiums, emphasize different benefits, or simply speak more directly to the needs and interests of the reader.

(via CDM Direct)

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