3 Triggered Email Message Ideas

Triggered messages aren’t a new concept. I remember hearing stories about car salesmen with elaborate birthday card mailing programs. Instead of sending a letter or a card you send an email.
Triggered messages work like this:
1) Collect information from or about your customer (with their permission of course)
2) Build messages that respond to this information
It really is that easy. Below are a few ideas that could be part of your email marketing.

Welcome message
First impressions really are so important, and once someone signs up for your email program, her first impression is the welcome message.  If you’re not sending an automated welcome message, you’re missing a huge opportunity.  Welcome messages are a great way to introduce the new subscriber to what your brand is all about and expanding that welcome message into a welcome series is the best way to introduce your values, your products and other ways to connect with your brand such as social media or blogs.  As a bonus, welcome messages are some of the highest revenue-driving messages you can send.
Birthday message
Everybody has a birthday and if you’re collecting that information from your subscribers, a birthday message is a very easy triggered message to set up. People love to get something special just for them for their birthday. Include an offer and revenue is sure to pour in.  Schedule an automated remail of the birthday message to anyone who didn’t open it the first time, and you’re going to drive even more revenue.
Abandoned cart messages
It’s so much easier to fill up your online shopping cart and then abandon it than it is in an actual store.  Sometimes a shopper has every intention of completing her purchase online but she got distracted while going through the cart process. Maybe someone came to the door, maybe the baby woke up from a nap or maybe his boss walked by when he was online shopping while at work.  Whatever the reason was for not completing the purchase, cart abandonment messages are an excellent way to get that missed sale back.

(via Bronto Blog)

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