3 Obvious Direct Mail Secrets

If you do direct marketing and you aren’t doing the following steps then you’re doing it wrong. If you’re just starting to do direct marketing then read below to find some ways to do it right. For everyone else in between, below is a quick refresher.
While using direct mail isn’t as easy as 1-2-3 it isn’t rocket science either. Be thoughtful, use your head and make your audience like you.

1) Make your list and check it twice.
Just buying lumps of leads won’t give you the same results as building your own direct-mail campaign. Expert list technology, which filters data based on your specific needs, will produce more refined results than a random blast of data you can only hope is current and correct. “Pray and spray” marketing will never be able to compete with a thoughtfully planned-out campaign designed to target a specific group of people with information that interests them.
2) Make it personal and engaging.
Direct mail doesn’t have to be a boring, impersonal card or letter that’s destined for the trash. Thanks to sophisticated marketing software and digital printing, savvy marketers are personalizing messages and engaging prospective customers in new and creative ways. For example, there are envelopes that catch the eye and engage the reader with customized teaser copy, highly customized pieces that can include the addition of handwritten notes and vivid brochures or inserts that showcase the in-depth details of your message.
3) Offer incentives.
High-quality direct mail is not only packed with relevant information, it also entices the reader with an irresistible deal. By adding value with a discount, bonus gift or free trial, a good piece of mail focuses on the recipient and encourages him or her to say yes. This tangible, real-world value adds weight to any offer and makes a bigger impact than can be achieved through a strictly digital approach.

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