3 Ideas to use Direct Mail and Email Together

There are dozens of ideas to help you make your marketing tools work together.  Unfortunately lots of them require more effort than time or budget may allow. Here are a few simple options that will help you add some punch to your next campaign.

1. Send a teaser email before a postal mailing: If you’re planning a big direct mail campaign, you can create excitement for it by emailing your list ahead of time and telling them to look for something special in the mail. This can be a good technique if you’re sending a new catalogue or unique gift.
2. Follow up your postal mailings with email: If you send an enticing direct mail piece, your customers should take notice. But nothing guarantees you that they will take action. That’s why it is worth following up your postal mailing with several emails, in which you remind them about that direct mail piece, provide them with more information or offer them another discount. Doing this can reinforce your brand and get more customers to take action.
3. Use QR codes: Another way to boost your response is to include a QR code in your emails and postal mailers. This will allow customers to put your message directly on their mobile devices. If you offer them a discount with the QR code, they can use it the next time they visit your store or website.

(via Pitney Bowes)