Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing Services

Impact uses a range of digital marketing channels and strategies to amplify direct marketing campaign results through increased audience engagement. Our strategies leverage automation to trigger messaging based on predefined customer journeys including recent audience behaviors, online interactions, and tracked physical mail in-home dates.

Amplified Campaigns

Amplified campaigns combine additional media channels with physical mail to improve campaign results and marketing ROI.

  • Email
  • Informed Delivery
  • Digital display ads
  • Programmatic marketing using data sources for targeting
  • SMS
  • Social Ads
  • IP-targeted ads

Maximum Impact

Clients that leverage multiple media channels within our Amplify services experience maximum value creation:

  • Create triggered email deployments or digital touchpoints based on actual mail tracking in-home dates
  • Combine an Informed Delivery Campaign with direct mail to strengthen response and easily attribute response to a media channel within the campaign
  • Boost conversions by using timely behavioral insights, from email campaigns, to create retargeting programs